4th May - 21.30 hs

ACHTUNG! Tickets are sold just in advance!


Hataken has been an electronic music producer, performer since the mid 90’s. His musical style employs ambient chilled out grooves using synthesizers to span multiple genres that create a unique style and psychedelic feeling. Hataken has performed many festivals including Boom 2012 (7 hours live show with analog vintage rigs), Ozora festival 2013&2014, Sonica festival 2013&1014, Sound Wave(2009&2010), SXSW(2008), FujiRock(2023) and more. Hataken released his solo album “A Prana Planet” on Matsuri Digital Chill in Nov. 2017 for 5 years from last album “Ascension”(TKG music).


Puntalaberinto (Patricia Usero) has been immersed in the sonic universe of modular synthesizers and the construction of DIY/DIWO instruments for over a decade. The modular synthesizer is her primary instrument, through which she filters and mutates field recordings, elaborating hypnotic soundscapes, drone avalanches, organic textures, powerful subs and suggestive dub rhythms. A crack of a strange nature... that deviates from conventional narratives.

Espinoza Espinoza

Espinoza Espinoza emerges from the synthetic scene of Barcelona. His music is based on noise, repetition, and modular experimentation. In his upcoming album, C7116 (synthvicious/FDDV 2023), rhythm takes a leading role while still embracing its usual premises. The Catalan musician has performed at festivals such as Euphònic and Mira!. For his live shows, he creates and modifies audiovisual content, ranging from figurative to abstract.


Coming from Caracas, Venezuela, Xiwire deals deals high-intensity live sets bringing together multiple sources of inspiration: the Internet’s underground breakcore scene, industrial music and 90s raves. They employ a mix of livecoding, hardware and custom made software to bring about danceable doomscapes intermixed with hopeful arpeggios while constantly flirting with noise.


VanTa is a computer graphics developer and co-founder at Vega.show by day and an analogue visualist by night. In his creations, he always tries to find a balance between geometry, abstraction, and chaos. At the age of eight, he left home and founded his own aerospace startup with very little venture capital, it operated from his parents’ porch.