Daytime concerts


Preassure: Ambre Laparra Blumenfeld and Marlène Jöbstl

Pressure is an interdisciplinary scenic creation between two women artists, one butō artist, an art between dance and theater, and the other an experimental music composer, both with a long career in avant-garde art. They have come together in a common project, on the subject of surveillance. We live in a society with cameras everywhere, in outdoor and indoor public spaces, as well as mobile phones capturing images non-stop. They have pushed this idea of being watched, seen, and exposed even in our deepest intimacies.




That's the name of Juanma Medina's solo project based in Maresme. He has a wide array of interests like his main band iou3R, his label Synth Vicious and lately has worked as a producer with other electronic projects. By using modular synths, samplers, and also real instruments like guitars, he gives his tracks a dark sense of timelessness, a cinematic flow and a lovely uncomfortableness, encompassing beauty and threat. Ambient, drone, noise, experimental...but you'll also find subtle reminiscences of genres like posthardcore, where he used to swim in the past.


In the last years Hara Alonso has expanded the timbral and performative possibilities of the piano through extended techniques, somatic practices and signal processing. Her sonic universe, described as a ‘gloomy bubbling electronic power ambient’, navigates between granular landscapes, minimal beats and hypnotic layers with a strong microlirical presence.


Formed this year, Finding Light in the Distortion is a Barcelona-based band that embraces the sounds of reverb-drenched psychedelia and hard dance music.

Espinoza Espinoza

Espinoza Espinoza emerges from the synthetic scene of Barcelona. His music is based on noise, repetition, and modular experimentation. In his upcoming album, C7116 (synthvicious/FDDV 2023), rhythm takes a leading role while still embracing its usual premises. The Catalan musician has performed at festivals such as Euphònic and Mira!. For his live shows, he creates and modifies audiovisual content, ranging from figurative to abstract.

Van Ta

VanTa is a computer graphics developer and co-founder at by day and an analogue visualist by night. In his creations, he always tries to find a balance between geometry, abstraction, and chaos. At the age of eight, he left home and founded his own aerospace startup with very little venture capital, it operated from his parents’ porch.



Puntalaberinto (Patricia Usero) has been immersed in the sonic universe of modular synthesizers and the construction of DIY/DIWO instruments for over a decade. The modular synthesizer is her primary instrument, through which she filters and mutates field recordings, elaborating hypnotic soundscapes, drone avalanches, organic textures, powerful subs and suggestive dub rhythms. A crack of a strange nature... that deviates from conventional narratives.


Jan Willem Hagenbeek has been manufacturing musical instruments full-time since 2012 under the name Ginkosynthese, but he also performs live under the name of Colloid. His live sets are always unexpected and consist of improvisation with modular synthesizers. His music is difficult to classify and can range from deep soundscapes to danceable broken beats. You can expect a raw and danceable live show.



There are few in the Czech electronic music culture with a background as storied as HRTL, the performing alias of Prague-based synthesiser musician Leoš Hort. Iconically performing from the centre of the dancefloor, HRTL is a force of the wildest nature on his instruments of choice, a carefully curated setup of modular synthesisers and tabletop instruments. Infamously electrifying and always improvised, each of his live club performances is quite literally one-of-a-kind; generative breakbeat rhythms meet with liquefying acid, and synths sliced from the utmost peaks of euphoria.


An important figure in the Catalan electronic music scene. His music explores a purely electronic rhythmic universe of experimental, dark and cold character, where analog and digital elements collide, using both old and modern software and hardware, which gives it a retro-futuristic and timeless character.


Lace-up your trainers!
This time Nyonk will play a 4 to the floor set to eliminate all the tensions of a long day at Modular Day.
Bass drum from the word go, surgical monotony and no melodies are the only ingredients he will use to relax your spine.

Photo: @vicdepheo



Immerse in a drusnoise live set with hard-hitting, unconventional techno. Witness acid, industrial, breaks collide live. Berlin Modular Society co-founder, sound artist. curator. Sustainability-infused sets with haunting vocals, harmonized climate data, electrified plants, electromagnetic whispers. Surrender to the revolution..

Photo: @julez_live


K.IM F.UCKING B.ITCH (DJ Set) F.ucking B.itch is synonymous with irreverent sounds, activism and using music as a catharsis. In 2016 she began to collaborate in different programs of Radio Duba 101 FM, until she got her own, which did not last long due to the closure of the station. In 2018 he registered TECHNOFUCKERS as a brand and began his musical career. Her performance in Sala Sidecar, gives her the residency in a monthly party, pro-women and feminism with the name of Elektro Purpirina. Captured by the famous label Femnøise and after her first performance in Macarena Club, she decides to go on her own. NO NAME NO ADDRESS is her second home, where she can be enjoyed on a monthly basis. This open and unprejudiced relationship with music leads her to elaborate her sets without fear of mixing all kinds of genres, achieving a dynamic fusion that makes her connect with the audience from beginning to end.