Puntalaberinto - Drone-dark-ambient-drone-tek
Patricia Usero has been diving into synth depths for 10 years now. Her live sets throw you into the darkenss, taking the sonic experience into a mediatetive state. A crack that goes away from conventional narratives.


iou3R - Drone-space-rock-dark-scapes
iou3R is born from the ashes of (lo:muêso). Becoming more like a concept than a regular band. They move from electronic sounds, passing thru spacerock, drone or post-rock.


Angry Kittens (Lina Bautista, Ivan Paz & Roger Pibernat) Live coding-modular-catnip
Angry Kittens is an experiemntal project where real time code writting wraps up the modular synth. Thru code we do sound synthesis, processed via a modular synth controlled by code. Sound wise its pretty accurate to its name!


Nyon-k - Techno
Dark techno

Mylar Melodies

Mylar melodies - Techno
Mylar Melodies is a synthesizer person who has a youtube channel about synthesizers and podcast about making electronic music. Also,he has been making tunes variously for nearly 20 years. The sexiest voice of internet will show us his new techno oriented live set.